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Anderson Family Dragster

                                 A/Fuel Dragster




Posted by Doreen Anderson on May 11, 2015 at 11:20 PM
This past week has been one that many of us were waiting for! After many years of fabricating the racecar we now have a nitro burning A-fuel dragster. Last Thursday we had the first official start up where we learned some good things and only started on alcohol. Just two days after that with the guidance of many great teachers we were able to hook up all of the electronics and even put nitro into it. Everything worked really well and it was great to see all of our new toys in action. It's crazy to think I was watching EGTs on my dash it's all in one little screen it told me so much. We have a couple small things to work on in the next couple weeks and we are so excited to keep moving forward. The feeling of when the car switched over to nitro was like nothing I could explain. In the video you can see the excitement on my face. Can't wait to start up in front of the crowd at The Annual Lane Automotive Car Show. On a side note I want people to know something that is very important to me is trying to make a difference. As I become more successful I hope to inspire children to follow their dreams as well as help other children around the world just to be able to live a full life. My parents, Kenny and I volunteered at feed my starving children for one night. We packed many meals that will feed babies all over the world. It was a very small amount of time but I hope to be able to contribute to more organizations throughout my lifetime. It's important to give back. Thanks for all your love and support. Marina :)

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