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Anderson Family Dragster

                                 A/Fuel Dragster



Spring 2016

Posted by Doreen Anderson on May 26, 2016 at 4:45 PM

Wow! I can't believe it's almost June and Memorial Day weekend is around the corner.  This year has seriously been flying by already.  I think it's safe to say that I am beyond addicted to this sport and so thankful for the many friends I have made.  After winding down from the holidays I enjoyed my annual trip to Detroit, Michigan where we go to the Autorama car show in February.  Some friends of my dad's brought a car this year and we had a good time.  I couldn't handle the winter months in Chicago without any racing for months so I made plans to go to Gainesville, Florida for the Gatornationals to help my friend Megan Meyer in her national event debut.  It was so much fun, I worked on the bottom end for the weekend.  We went rounds (she lost on a holeshot in the finals) and I learned a ton from both Megan and her dad.  Such a great experience to be there with them and I am grateful I was able to.  I even made a few more friends that weekend and let me tell you I was so sore from Megan's Sunday morning workout.

After Gainesville I wanted it even more.  I just love this sport and I knew I needed to get ready to race in my car.  We finished up a few more things that it needed to be NHRA legal like carbon fiber brakes and additional weight.  Every weekend from the time tracks opened I was checking the weather and track schedules at literally every track within about 6 hours driving distance.  I still am on this schedule honestly.  We need to both test the racecar because it's brand new and I need to complete two full passes and one half pass to upgrade my current super comp license to TAD.  The first experience at the track was in April, we found a major problem when we started the car up, rubber in the fuel lines.  Thankfully we didn't make any passes with it like that or it would have cost us big time.  With a new car and a crew that is all new to this class we are learning so much.  That time we learned that the data will tell you everything you just have to listen.

The month of May was not easy.  Between rain every other weekend and the loss of my grandfather we only made it to the track one weekend.  He was always very supportive of my dream and I'm glad I got to share it with him when he came out to see the build at Comp Fab I could see it in his eyes that he was proud and the people I had never met before knew my story through him.  The test night in May was another great learning experience for the whole team.  I am so thankful to be out there doing what I love and taking steps toward making my dream come true.  We knew it would not happen over night but it is so worth all the work we put in.  I can't thank the people that help me enough.

I am looking forward to being on Teresa's Radio Show on May 31st at about 4pm Central

Besides that we were trying to test at the Joliet regional race but I still don't know if we will be ready.  If we aren't we hope to go to Villa Park Summerfest (local car show in my hometown) on June 17th then we will continue to test and finish my license.  Who knows you could see us in Columbus or Earlville for those regional events!

I'll be staying busy learning even more in the alcohol pits at some national events too!... Look out for Megan she's doing some awesome things!

<3 Marina

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