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Anderson Family Dragster

                                 A/Fuel Dragster




Posted by Doreen Anderson on December 4, 2017 at 12:45 PM

The work continues into the offseason.  It's a little more relaxed of a pace but there are still a bunch of things that need to get done.  If you're not a racer yourself you may not know that there are safety equipment (for example) & the chassis that need to be certified every year or sometimes every 2 or 5 years.  In the offseason we get these things accomplished.  In addition we are working on doing any updates that we have been thinking about as we learned so much through the 2017 season.  In the last race St Louis we qualified and went our best time of 5.47 at 240 but the weekend was cut short after only one qualifying pass because we hurt a head and didn't have a spare ready to go yet.  We began the process of obtaining spares a little over a year ago actually.  Unfortunately we aren't set up with a ton of extra space in the trailer or spares just yet but the reality of this happening at our last race made getting spares ready a priority for the offseason too!  We do the best with what we have.  We feel so fortunate just to go to races and we know that this low budget alcohol team with a big heart is going to be very competitive. SOON! ;)  Looking forward to spending time with family during the holidays, meeting new and old friends while at PRI in Indy and getting back out there in 2018!  We have space to include additional marketing partnerships on a race by race basis next year.  Contact us for more info.

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